Friday, April 21, 2017


Everyone knows the value of having goals.  How many people
actually achieve them though?  Many don't achieve their goals
because they don't have a plan of action to get them there.
Gary Vaynerchuk often speaks about discovering what it is you want, then reverse engineering it.  Sounds pretty simple doesn't
it?  Well, whether it is or not, the idea is that you make a plan,
then work it until you reach the goal.  As my title here suggests,
plan the work, then work the plan.  Rome wasn't built in a day.
A couple of important points to remember.....
This is about you not anyone else so be sure to keep that in mind when you come across those who belittle what you're doing.
You know yourself best and you know what you're capable of.
So if you believe you can achieve your goal, there's really no
reason to let anything at all stop you. YOU is the keyword here.
Again you MUST work the plan that you've set yourself.  Those
who know me well,  will have seen me often post #juststart.
There really is nothing more important than doing and doing now.
It doesn't even matter if you haven't finalised the details of your
plan.  Getting going and doing something each and every day is
key here.  Even if it's baby steps, you will soon be headed on the path to success. You can fine tune as you go along.  Perfection is
never necessary,  ACTION IS...

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